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Dressbarnfeedback.com – Dressbarn Customer Experience Survey

Dressbarn allows its customer to leave feedback on their experience when they’ve visited an outlet in the last few days. This Dressbarn Guest Survey is designed to give customers the opportunity to talk about their experience of the most last visit to Dressbarn. The study has been designed to ensure that the business can gather data which determines the level of satisfaction of every customer. It is, therefore, an important piece of information for business.

Every participant who takes the Dressbarn Feedback Survey successfully have the chance to take home the Dressbarn Sweepstake Prize. Through the Dressbarn Customer Satisfaction Survey, they know precisely how satisfied or unhappy you are.

Dressbarn Dressbarn Survey will take only a couple of minutes to complete moreover in the course of responding to your feedback you’ll be given a chance to win 20% Off Dressbarn Coupon.

Just go to Dressbarnfeedback.com for a simple survey.

Benefits of Dressbarnfeedback.com Survey

To motivate participants to participate to this program, Dressbarnfeedback.com offers different rewards to participants.

Every client from Dressbarn who completes the Dressbarn Customer Survey online will be awarded 20% Off Dressbarn Coupon.

Dressbarn Introduction


Dressbarn.com (branded under the name dressbarn) is an online retailer operated by Retail Ecommerce Ventures that was connected to a previous chain of women’s clothing stores operated by Ascena that was in operation between 1962 and 2019.The first Dressbarn was opened in February 1962 situated in Stamford, Connecticut, by Roslyn Jaffe. Jaffe saw the opportunity to offer work-wear clothes and dresses for women working at the time that women were joining the workforce in larger numbers.The company began trading on NASDAQ (symbol DBRN) in 1982. In January of 2011, to reflect its wider holdings, the company was changed to a Delaware corporation named Ascena Retail Group, Inc. Its NASDAQ symbol was also change to ASNA in 2011. On May 21, 2019, Ascena Retail Group announced that all 650 DressBarn Stores would be closing and they announced it on the 26th of December. Then, Dressbarn brand was sold by Ascena to Tai Lopez and his business partner, Alex Mehr (via newly established Retail Ecommerce Ventures), and the website was relaunched in 2020.

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The things you need for running a Dressbarnfeedback.com survey

Real review and feedback about Dressbarnfeedback.com.

  • You need to have a technological device like Laptop, Computer or Smartphone that has Internet access.
  • Internet access.
  • Basic understanding in English as well as Spanish to exchange opinions.
  • The individual must be 18 years old or more.
  • The relatives and employees of Dressbarn staff members are not eligible to participate of the poll.
  • Fulfilling the requirements of the questionnaire will allow the participants get an award.

Guide for completing Dressbarn Survey:

Take a look at the complete procedure to complete this Dressbarn Customer Survey.

  1. You can take part in the survey by visiting the Dressbarnfeedback.com survey. This will direct you to the survey page.
  2. Fill the box with your feedback.
  3. Answer the questions in accordance with your own experience at Dressbarn.
  4. Indicate how you might recommend this Dressbarn to others. Write a review about your Dressbarn experiences.
  5. In the end, you need to give all your personal details to finish the survey.
  6. Once you have filled out the required information After you have completed these details, hit submit. It will conclude your Dressbarnfeedback.com Survey of Customer Feedback.