Perkins SurveyWhen it comes to customer satisfaction, it is always good if companies listen to what their customers have to say. Products and services change all the time and having the latest is always good.

Customers like it when they are heard by the company, especially when it comes to products. The introduction of customer survey has made companies improve on the way they run and conduct their businesses.

Every day new customers visit the store, and you need to ensure that all the customers are happy and satisfied with what you have to offer. It is not enough to just give customers products without knowing if they love it or not.

Customer surveys are easy and simple to take. If you have access to your laptop or smartphone, you should be able to finish it within no time. At Perkins, they also introduced a customer survey, which has greatly helped improve on how the company operates.

Customers always have new suggestions, and if the company implements what customers have to say, it will attract new customers to the store. Getting to know what customers have to say has greatly improved many businesses and companies.

It is never easy to attract new customers, but with good developments and changes at the company, even new customers will be attracted to your company.

If you have never taken a customer survey after visiting your local store, it is high time you take one and let the company know how you feel.


Perkins Survey Prize

Perkins Survey
Perkins Survey

Once you have finished taking the customer survey at Perkins, you will be rewarded something in return. The prize that you will get will be different from time to time, and more details are normally printed on the receipt that you are given.

Sometimes customers get validation codes that have discounts that you can use on your next purchase, but it is great if you confirm with your receipt.


About Perkins


Perkins is an American dining casual restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, pastries, dinner, kids perks, beverages and so much more. Their menu is well designed and if you want more nutritional and gluten information on foods, you can find it on their website.

If you are at home and wondering where you can find your nearest Perkins restaurant, you can simply check out Locations on the website and you will be given all the stores near you.

The company was founded in 1958 by Matt and Ivan Perkins who had one thing in their mind, opening a restaurant where everyone could bring their appetite.

The company has adopted the policy of working in shifts and at the same time delivering customers with the best dishes day and night. Perkins has more than 290 restaurants in the United States and Canada.

It has been able to grow to where it is today thanks to the franchising units and company-operated and owned restaurants. You will always find something to eat at Perkins whether it is dinner, breakfast, lunch, or any bakery order for your upcoming event.

The restaurants are well ventilated, and they have the best employees who are always ready to serve customers any time of the day and your orders will never delay. You will have it fresh and hot. The company has the best customer satisfaction, and they are always ready to offer the best.


Perkins Survey Details

Survey Name perkins survey
Entry Method Online
Survey Prize Coupon
Age Limit 18 Years and Above
Language English
Entry Limit One  Receipt


Perkins Survey Rules and Requirements

Perkins restaurants
Perkins restaurants
  • Must be 18 Years and Above

If you are a Perkins customer and you feel like your experience was great and want to let the company know, you must be 18 years and above to qualify. Anyone below that age cannot participate.


  • Have Your Recent Perkins Receipt

Once you visit any Perkins restaurant, you will be given a receipt after making a purchase. The receipt will have details that you will need when taking the customer survey.


  • Must be Taken Online

You will need to log in to either your laptop or your smartphone to be able to take the survey. You need to have reliable internet on your device to be able to take the survey without problems.


  • Understand English

All participants taking part in the survey need to have a basic understanding of the English language. The instructions are straight forward, and you will not have any problems if you understand English.


  • Reward Not Transferable

The reward that the winners will get cannot be transferred to someone else. You will need to go in persons to get your prize, and someone else cannot represent you at the restaurant.



How to Take the Perkins Survey

The survey link is easy and straight forward. Once you click on the link, you will be directed to the Perkins survey page, where you will follow all the instructions given.


  • Enter Details

You will need to select either your state, zip code, or street to proceed to the next step. The details you enter on this page will help the company know where their customers come from.


  • Answer Questions

After clicking Next, you will be presented with questions about concerning your last visit at the restaurant. You will give more details about what you did at the store and if at all you were pleased with the service.


  • Provide Personal Details

Once you are done answering all the questions, you will need to provide your contact details, such as email, physical address, and full names. This information is essential when reaching out to the winner.


  • Submit

Confirm if all the information you have provided is correct, and once you submit your survey, you will be given a code that you will use to redeem your reward.


Perkins Survey Homepage

The survey page is simple and well designed. It is not complicated, and once you are on the page, you will be asked about your previous shopping experience. Feel free to tell the company about your experience, and once you are done, you will get a code.


Contact Perkins/Reference Links

Official Perkins Website:

Official Survey Site: perkins survey